Lambda Company has a strong base on the technology and research of oxygen sensors. We have undertaken the National Project for the R&D of the 5-wire Plananr Wide band Sensors and owned the National Invention Patents for the New Thimble type, the Integrated Planar type and the 5-wire wide band and Intelligent NOx Sensors. In 2016, we found Jiangsu Engineering Research Center for Intelligent Oxygen Sensor.

    In this center, we have built Physical and Chemical Labs, Functional Labs, Environmental Labs, Engineer Benches and Vibration Labs, including all the R&D tests and quality control from the fine ceramic materials, functional ceramic elements to oxygen sensor assembly. They ensure us a solid foundation for the innovation of technology and the progress of technique. What we effort to do is not just following the rules, but making our products leading them.

    We have three partial departments for Thimble Ceramic Elements, Planar Ceramic Elements and Oxygen Sensor Assembly. All the key parts for lambda sensor are developed and manufactured by ourselves. We spare no effort to seek international standard on the R&D of fine ceramic technology.  Our products cover the 1st generation thimble type without heater, the 2nd generation heated thimble type, the 3rd generation fast heated thimble type, the 4th generation integrated planar type, the 5th generation 5-wire wide band type to the latest 6th generation NOx sensors.

    All the products are made under ISO/TS 16949. Due to the advanced equipment and automatic production lines, our products are been 99.9% inspected, ensuring the consistency effectively. And the PPM for the aftermarket performance is less than 500 in this 3 years and this number is also decreasing year by year. 

    Based on 7 years¡¯ OEM supply and and 17 years¡¯ oxygen sensor R&D experience, our sales for automotive and motorcycle has reached 200,000 pcs each month. And mow our products have been widely used in FAW, SAW, BAW, the 1st and 2nd largest automotive OEM in Iran and the major motorcycle manufacturers in China.

    We always consider customer as God. In company we apply ERP and MES system to digitally manage the quality and after-sales service. From the co-operation negotiation to order confirmation and then field service, we apply careful management from multiple perspectives to ensure the fundamental interests of customers.

    Lambda Company will firmly stick to the goal to improve the product quality and the cost performance in order to meet the all demands of the EFI system and the OE companies and improve the influence of our brand and the competitiveness in the industry. We should make our contributions to the rise of the Chinese national automotive industry and build a blue sky for our next generation.